Helping an iconic high-end fashion brand enter a new age of global commerce.

Viberg has been making handcrafted leather boots on Canada’s west coast for the better part of a century. The family-run business has evolved over the years, bringing its classic work boot ethic and credibility into the realm of international high-end fashion.

The brand’s identity benefits from a number of compelling juxtapositions. First, we have a beautiful, luxury product borne of gritty, industrial processes and facilities. Then there is an element of craftsmanship that’s equal parts fidelity to old-world techniques and aggressive innovation. The company itself is a small, family-run business in a quiet city trading in an global marketplace of fashion capitals. And, the brand enjoys a cult following that includes buyers with a traditional focus on iconic, quality goods and those with a more dynamic, progressive approach to fashion.

With some of the most dedicated customers on the planet and a ferocious release schedule, Viberg wanted to deliver a bespoke online shopping experience worthy of the brand, photography, and product experience equity they’ve established to date.

Before getting into the design phase, our first step was helping them determine the direction they wanted to take with their online store. They were already on Shopify, and we encouraged them to make the jump to Shopify Plus. For a fast-growing brand of their size and global reputation, we knew Plus features like Flow and Launchpad would pay immense dividends down the road, helping them save time by automating remedial tasks and making it easier launch new products.

The design decisions in the new user interface were guided by the goal of maintaining the simple elegance of the brand’s stripped-down aesthetic. We helped them achieve this with minimal typographic styling and a palate that enhances the richness of the product photography by steering clear of any colours attempting to approximate the natural material range of leathers, woods, cork, rubber, etc.

The limited additions to the palette are sourced from the more industrial materials dotted throughout the factory photography. The electric and acidic tones of machinery, tape, glue and other manufacturing detritus are introduced sparingly in unexpected, subtle, and temporary interactions throughout the site.

The resulting combination is a fitting design juxtaposition that combines timeless Swiss grid systems and minimal palette with the more playful layouts found in Japanese merchandising—united by a progressive take on a luxury brand colour palette.

From a development standpoint, Viberg’s multiple manufacturing models presented some intriguing back-end challenges. The company’s combination of core, made-to-order, and limited-release products required us to build a customized checkout experience that’s as seamless as it is thorough for customers.

To expedite the shopping experience for Viberg’s most loyal customers, we implemented a “quick add-to-cart” option for those who know exactly what they want. We also included a size selector on the product listing page so these same customers can check out faster. The latter feature was especially important given the brand’s ultra-popular limited releases, which often sell out in a few hours.

In the end, we delivered a high-end online shopping experience that stands up to Viberg’s iconic aesthetic and design sensibilities, powered by the world’s most scalable enterprise ecommerce platform.

It's difficult to deliver a boutique fashion ecommerce site that showcases a compelling brand experience but also converts. Pixel Union delivered just that; a beautiful design that keeps Viberg's products front and centre, but elegantly weaves our rich brand narrative into the user experience. We couldn't be happier.

Guy Ferguson, Brand Director