An identity system and new website for an emerging brand helping to regulate the resource sector.

CNTRAL offers digital tools to help the resource sector manage inspections and stay on top of regulatory requirements. Product Manager Josh Pinter approached us with the challenge of developing an accessible yet unique look for the brand. In an industry defined by dated and under-thought design, CNTRAL’s technology and team stand out; it made sense that they wanted to position themselves with a bold new brand and website to rise above the competition.

Not only did CNTRAL’s branding need an overhaul, it needed to be modular and scalable. We collaborated with Josh through the entire process to ensure that the outcome would be recognizable, flexible, and, most importantly, distinct from the competition. The resulting brand manual offers rock-solid guidelines that are clear and easily adaptable to future endeavours.

Rethinking the CNTRAL website through the lens of the new visual identity was a joy. With a clear focus on regulatory compliance and sector visibility, we developed a visually engaging, information-rich platform focusing on the company’s advanced technology and its application. We developed custom 3D-rendered graphics and a unique icon set to allow the brand’s function to fluidly integrate with the new identity.

Working with Pixel Union is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. They took the time to learn our business, our industry, and our unique personality to create a brand that everyone on the team can feel represented by and proud of. They are CNTRAL’s design arm and we can’t wait to work on the next project with them.

Joshua Pinter, Product Manager